Seth Davy & His Dancing Doll (Died circa 1902)
Artist : Gill Smith
Location: William Brown St.

A West Indian sailor, Seth was a legendary puppeteer and street entertainer and inspired the 1960s folk song ‘Whisky on a Sunday’ by Glynn Hughes.

Bevington Bush in the opening line was a pub near Scotland Road and is cited as the source of Liverpool slang for a beer – a Bevvy.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Come Day Go Day…wish in me heart for Sunday, drinking buttermilk all the week, whiskey on a Sunday.

  2. Been looking forward to seeing this event, about time we recognise the fantiastic talent in art this city has . Gill Smith is a GREAT artist. Her Penguin was a delight and who can forget Stellar the Rhino ?? Good Luck with this one too keep up the good work xx

  3. Christine Kenny says:

    Will be down to Liverpool to see these Gill, well done

  4. Val Turton says:

    Great artist portrays great artist. Look forward to seeing in the flesh !

  5. I would like to buy a print of the Seth Davy painting.Does anbody have any info on how I can get one?

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